Version of Ransomeware is Called GandCrab Here’s a Way to Fight It

Don’t pay any ransom.

GandCrab is the latest family of ransomware that started to claim victims late January, demanding exorbitant prices (ranging from $400 to $700,000) in exchange for the decryptor.

I use a security product called BITDEFENDER s I am protected against it

I cannot recommend this product because it depends on your view of security products but I do find it easy to use.

Regardless, now you can get rid of the GandCrab for free, and, of course, without paying the ransom attackers request.

BITDEFENDER has teamed up with Europol, the local police, and the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism and just released a free GandCrab decryption utility. The free tool works for all known versions of GandCrab.

Go to the website and click on the ransomware decryption tools section to download a free version.

Again, you’ll be trusting the website. I do, but I can’t make any guarantees

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