Last weekend the FBI issued an urgent bulletin for anyone with a home or small office internet router to immediately turn it off and then turn it on again as a way to temporarily thwart the spread of foreign malware linked to Russia.


Over 500,000 routers have already been infected.


There are two steps to fully protect your router but the second step is too technical for the average HM resident without simplifying those instructions which I will try to do.


However, the first step is very easy to do. Simply unplug your router and plug it back in after one minute. Then press the WPS button on top of the router. Then the lights will begin to blink (hopefully green) and you will have your FIOS service back.


The ROUTER is the piece of Verizon equipment where the cable enters your house and is about a foot with blinking green lights.


You can stop reading here unless you want a little more information about the danger and what the government is doing about it.

The spyware known, as VPNFilter, has been quietly spreading since at least 2016, according to researchers.


Once a router is infected, the hackers would potentially be able to use the device as a jumping-off point to launch further attacks. The cybercriminals could also collect personal information, block network traffic — or just turn your router into an expensive brick.


The following is STEP2:


“If you have an older router, the odds are greater it may have shipped with a standard password which is the same across all types of the device. Change the router password, make sure the firmware is update and in some cases, even replace the router


STEP 1 will minimize some of the risk, because some portion of the attack may be deleted after rebooting

This a necessary step, experts said, but they warned that it is not a foolproof fix.


“If this is addressed broadly, it will cause the malware campaign to lose a lot of its access and reduce the broader risk on a macro level,” said a CEO of a cyber security company.

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