Franklin Newsletter 2018

Master’s Association notes:

  1. Walking trails– currently being paved through Brighton and Chatham($90,000). No update on Franklin. Mike from HMLD was to put together a drawing on their proposed plan for Franklin and meet those interested to discuss tree removal, privacy plantings etc. but it hasn’t been mentioned since March.
  2. Verizon– the changeover is mostly complete. Only 60 of 1720 still need to be converted. Most of those are homes vacant or for sale. BOD has extended the Kane’s contract 2 mos. to finish and mop up any items incomplete. A Verizon “cheat sheet” was sent out by Judy Jurgan with important phone numbers and Fios tips.
  3. Wood shop expansion– ongoing and moving along quickly. Will add approx. 1000sf to the building. Contract is for $190,000 of which the wood shop will pay back approx. $60,000. Wood shop is planning a fund raiser, to be announced, and is asking for donations.
  4. Perimeter stucco walls– will have the balance of the shingles(on route 352) replaced this year. Getting final quotes on power-washing and applying rubber mulch at base of all the stucco walls to enhance their appearance (est. $114,000) and keep them clean. Plan is to complete this year. Next project will be the wood walls between the stucco ones being replaced by vinyl fencing for improved aesthetics.
  5. Sullivan House has had its Spring cleaning including windows and carpets and some furniture reupholstered.
  6. Main pool- over $80,000 in improvements, some to meet new E. Goshen regulations. Also instituted “no children Fridays”.
  7. Peg Trauger has retired from handling the scheduling of meetings at our three meeting locations. A replacement will be announced soon.
  8. The MA presidents recently voted to keep Boyd Mackleer on the board of Directors and Karl Grentz of Glenwood was elected to replace Dennis O’Leery on the board.
  9. Bill O’Brien of the Insurance Committee announced that insurance from CAU for most of their covered villages would average a modest 2.66% increase. Franklin’s increase will be approx. +2% for 2019.
  10. The BOD will be posting “no soliciting” signs at all four entrances.
  • The HM Marketing committee recently finished a drone tour of the Mill which will have a link on our web page to promote the amenities of the Mill- Judy Jurgan will e-mail the link so you can watch it.

          The May Community Open House had 85 cars through security, a great attendance. Many visitors were repeaters and serious about buying. There are only 30 homes (less than 2%) remaining for sale in the Mill as of July 24th.

Franklin Village notes:

  1. Dominic Aleardi, Joan Welliver and Jay Harter were reappointed to the board, as no others applied.
  2. Council approved a year round addition on the rear deck for 566
  3. Landscape- committee approved approximately 56 Franklin items for Hershey’s Mill to accomplish, which are not done. Also village trimming is behind. According to Mike at HMLD they are behind because of the damp spring weather. They also have less employees this year.
  4. Architectural Committee- With Jack Fulmer moving, Tony Bizzaro has taken over the Architectural Committee chairman position.
  5. Reminder and notices have been sent regarding dogs not on a leashes. as well as picking up after dogs.
  6. Gutters were cleaned in June and will be cleaned again in the late Fall. In most cases gutter guards will be removed for easier cleaning.
  7. Mildew remediation will also be done later this summer.
  8. With financials in good shape Jay Harter deposited $100,000 in a 3 year CD at 2.6%. Your money is in good hands.
  9. With the water temperature hovering in the low 80s the pool is getting good usage, especially on Mon, Wed and Fridays from 4-4:45 at the exercise classes run by Ann Lane.
  10. We recently had exterior water line leak at two locations (543 and 595) which required Horn plumbing to dig up the exterior and replace the fixture. This is not a new experience since we’ve had 2-3 other problems like this happen in the last few years. Supposedly it’s caused by settling of the soil which causes the pipe to drop/leak. Nothing preventively we can do till it happens. Keep an eye on the area immediately above where water enters your house and if it seems unusually wet and spongy call CSK to have it checked out before water migrates in to your basement.
  11. Franklin houses for sale—  558 Kelly; Donegal  $365,000    564 Fosnocht; Marlborough $485,000

Franklin council

Next scheduled Village meeting Sept 25th 7PM community Center

During the past 15 months or so, the following new people moved into Franklin Village:

522 – Tony & Ann Bizzaro                                                                                                                    

581 – Bill  Diane Carlin

567 – Michele & Bob Cohen

584 – John & Marilyn Cullen

578 – William & Emma Hodges

592 – Bob & Lynn Kocher

589 – Martha Marshalak

580 – Allan & Elizabeth Soldwisch

548 – Paul & Jackie Welle


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