Franklin Newsletter July 2019

Franklin Newsletter July 2019


Master Association Update


The new 2019/2020 HM Directories should be hand delivered by Council members in the next few days.


Board of Director’s election – with three openings available and 5 applicants, Bob Browner and Dennis Leary were re-elected to the board. George Earle from Yardley was also elected. George, an ex-contractor has helped the MA with many of the Mill’s construction projects.



The MA voted to award the elevator contract to Weaver Construction since they can start this year, they lowered their bid from $316,680 to $300,000 and were substantially under the other bidders quotes


Chandler Road Work    

Lyons and Hohl will soon be starting the reconstruction of Chandler Road by Chatham and Merrifield to reduce the grade. The road will be closed to thru traffic for about three weeks. A map of the closure was sent.  Also the part of Chandler by Mill Road that was recently washed out by a severe rainstorm will be closed for a short period while a new 4 foot culvert will be installed under the street.

Alarm Systems    

Our CAD-X panels seem to be the best of the batch when contacting security, however we will be upgrading them when normal service is required. Our system will not dial security directly but through a company called Dice, who will route the call to security. We may also switch to an 800#. Whenever there is an emergency always call 911 first.


The pilot hole from 202 to Wellington is now complete and will be reamed out for the installation of the 18” pipe. Sunoco may ask to have a second hole drilled to accommodate the 20” pipe at the same time to eliminate drilling there later. This could require 24 hr round-the-clock drilling for three days if approved.

New bus – is on order and being outfitted.

 The walking trail – the section from the wood shop to the garden is now paved. Mike from HMLD to meet, possibly in July, with those living along Chandler to cover the proposal and privacy plantings for Franklin.

Council will then make a decision on the path based on input from owners living along Chandler.

HM Real estate – There is a new low of only 19 homes listed for sale in the Mill.

Franklin Village Update

Currently we are under budget ytd. $2,400.

Council voted at the July meeting to keep the $50/qtr temporary increase for repaying the Reserve fund for our new garage doors to remain in the future quarterly fee. As we are already one of the lowest quarterly fee villages and over 35 years old it is prudent to keep our reserves up. This figure would increase our reserves by $172,000 in 10 years, when we estimate our roofs would need replacement.

Condo Docs/Rules & Regs.

Michael Pincus has recommended setting up a committee to update our condo Docs, Rule/Regs etc.  Any changes to the official documents would require a majority vote of the owners. The volunteer committee consists of:

Michael Pincus 586

Diane Carlin 581

Julie Gerhardt 582

Sandy Ogletree 527

Jeanette Schmid 598

Judy Jurgan 547

Maintenance items

Water intrusion has occurred in a few basements and a few garages, in many cases for the first time in 35 years. With changing weather patterns we are having record breaking rainfall, resulting in ground saturation.

​Through June we’ve had 28” of rain, with a lot coming in heavy downfalls. We are working with HM Landscaping to rectify the issues by directing water away from foundations. Our drainage and grading account is already $10,000 over budget.

Dryer vents will be cleaned this year (as suggested by our insurance carrier) and is a home owner cost.

Front door deadbolts will be checked this Fall by Security to make sure they have access to each home in an emergency. A-1 Security is the only locksmith company who can key the locks to our master key. Owners will be informed when the locks will be checked.

Moyer Pest Control will be testing each home for termites this year. It is ongoing through the year. The visit and any remediation will be paid for by the Village.

Yearly walk-arounds by the Architectural and Landscape committees have been accomplished. Any Architectural issues will be communicated to the individual home owners for resolution. Landscape improvements were approved at the June Council meeting and communicated to HMLD and now it is up to them to complete the items approved.

Homes for sale

558 Kelly for sale

565 for sale later this year

555 Lappin for sale

594 Rodelli for sale

Welcome new residents:

Carolyn Ginther and Carolyn Hunt 570

William & Emma Hodges 578

Bob & Lynne Kocher 592

Kenneth & Kathleen Kroos 572

Kristine Meyer 595

Lynn Niblock 564

Hope Wood 593

Wm. & Lisa Koppe 571

William Glancey 575

Rick & Nancy Richards 591













Next Village meeting is September 24th.



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