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Franklin Newsletter 2018

Master’s Association notes:

  1. Walking trails– currently being paved through Brighton and Chatham($90,000). No update on Franklin. Mike from HMLD was to put together a drawing on their proposed plan for Franklin and meet those interested to discuss tree removal, privacy plantings etc. but it hasn’t been mentioned since March.
  2. Verizon– the changeover is mostly complete. Only 60 of 1720 still need to be converted. Most of those are homes vacant or for sale. BOD has extended the Kane’s contract 2 mos. to finish and mop up any items incomplete. A Verizon “cheat sheet” was sent out by Judy Jurgan with important phone numbers and Fios tips.
  3. Wood shop expansion– ongoing and moving along quickly. Will add approx. 1000sf to the building. Contract is for $190,000 of which the wood shop will pay back approx. $60,000. Wood shop is planning a fund raiser, to be announced, and is asking for donations.
  4. Perimeter stucco walls– will have the balance of the shingles(on route 352) replaced this year. Getting final quotes on power-washing and applying rubber mulch at base of all the stucco walls to enhance their appearance (est. $114,000) and keep them clean. Plan is to complete this year. Next project will be the wood walls between the stucco ones being replaced by vinyl fencing for improved aesthetics.
  5. Sullivan House has had its Spring cleaning including windows and carpets and some furniture reupholstered.
  6. Main pool- over $80,000 in improvements, some to meet new E. Goshen regulations. Also instituted “no children Fridays”.
  7. Peg Trauger has retired from handling the scheduling of meetings at our three meeting locations. A replacement will be announced soon.
  8. The MA presidents recently voted to keep Boyd Mackleer on the board of Directors and Karl Grentz of Glenwood was elected to replace Dennis O’Leery on the board.
  9. Bill O’Brien of the Insurance Committee announced that insurance from CAU for most of their covered villages would average a modest 2.66% increase. Franklin’s increase will be approx. +2% for 2019.
  10. The BOD will be posting “no soliciting” signs at all four entrances.
  • The HM Marketing committee recently finished a drone tour of the Mill which will have a link on our web page to promote the amenities of the Mill- Judy Jurgan will e-mail the link so you can watch it.

          The May Community Open House had 85 cars through security, a great attendance. Many visitors were repeaters and serious about buying. There are only 30 homes (less than 2%) remaining for sale in the Mill as of July 24th.

Franklin Village notes:

  1. Dominic Aleardi, Joan Welliver and Jay Harter were reappointed to the board, as no others applied.
  2. Council approved a year round addition on the rear deck for 566
  3. Landscape- committee approved approximately 56 Franklin items for Hershey’s Mill to accomplish, which are not done. Also village trimming is behind. According to Mike at HMLD they are behind because of the damp spring weather. They also have less employees this year.
  4. Architectural Committee- With Jack Fulmer moving, Tony Bizzaro has taken over the Architectural Committee chairman position.
  5. Reminder and notices have been sent regarding dogs not on a leashes. as well as picking up after dogs.
  6. Gutters were cleaned in June and will be cleaned again in the late Fall. In most cases gutter guards will be removed for easier cleaning.
  7. Mildew remediation will also be done later this summer.
  8. With financials in good shape Jay Harter deposited $100,000 in a 3 year CD at 2.6%. Your money is in good hands.
  9. With the water temperature hovering in the low 80s the pool is getting good usage, especially on Mon, Wed and Fridays from 4-4:45 at the exercise classes run by Ann Lane.
  10. We recently had exterior water line leak at two locations (543 and 595) which required Horn plumbing to dig up the exterior and replace the fixture. This is not a new experience since we’ve had 2-3 other problems like this happen in the last few years. Supposedly it’s caused by settling of the soil which causes the pipe to drop/leak. Nothing preventively we can do till it happens. Keep an eye on the area immediately above where water enters your house and if it seems unusually wet and spongy call CSK to have it checked out before water migrates in to your basement.
  11. Franklin houses for sale—  558 Kelly; Donegal  $365,000    564 Fosnocht; Marlborough $485,000

Franklin council

Next scheduled Village meeting Sept 25th 7PM community Center

During the past 15 months or so, the following new people moved into Franklin Village:

522 – Tony & Ann Bizzaro                                                                                                                    

581 – Bill  Diane Carlin

567 – Michele & Bob Cohen

584 – John & Marilyn Cullen

578 – William & Emma Hodges

592 – Bob & Lynn Kocher

589 – Martha Marshalak

580 – Allan & Elizabeth Soldwisch

548 – Paul & Jackie Welle


Franklin Newsletter

Dec. 2017 – Jan. 2018


Master Association Notes:

  1. Verizon Update-Conduit install is complete at all villages. Network creation is 52%.  ONT’s installed at 30%.  So far 80 owners have transitioned to Fios.  The Board of Directors voted not to pay for battery back-up. The $39 charge will be the owner’s responsibility.
  2. Walking Trail – Completed from Inverness to the Club and Zephyr.
  3. Wall/Fence on RT 532 – New fiberglass fencing is replacing the chain-link fence. The additional 88 feet from the East Gate to Inverness is now complete and looks much better.
  4. Main Swimming Pool – Upgrades to be made include a new circulation pump, Krystal Krete quartz aggregate wall and bottom and a new pool cover for a total of $88,000.
  5. Exterior Wall Renovation – The shabby exterior walls around the Mill will be renovated over the next few years. A sample of the cleaned up wall can be seen on both sides of the North Gate.  They have been sandblasted clean and the mulch below them is now a rubber product that should keep the bottom of the wall clean.  J & R Roofing will also begin replacing the wooden shingles on the top of the masonry sections.
  6. Board Spending Limit – the BOD proposed changing their spending limit without the Village Presidents’ approval from $25K to $60K. The Presidents’ voted to keep the limit at $25K.
  7. Wood Shop – Expansion will be made with a 1000SF addition to square off the building. The space will be used for classes and a paint booth.  The total is $160,000 of which the Wood Shop will pay $60,000.
  8. Greenhill Sewer Board is the name of our Mill-owned sewer system. Newly elected members are Ted Sikorski, Zephyr, John Babiec, Yardley and Eileen Hotte, Glenwood.  The Mill’s sewer charges are half of what we would pay if we didn’t have our own system.
  9. Future Expansion Planning – The BOD is weighing the requests for additional space for some of the amenities. The Pool and Ping Pong groups need more space and the Sports Group committee would like to see an exercise center in the Mill, as we are the only 55+ facility within a 25 mile radius without one.


  1. Financials (Jay Harter) – End of year financials have not been received yet but Jay is not expecting any surprises.
  2. Architectural Requests have been approved for an additional exterior electric outlet and a Bluebird house. Also approved is an awning for 567.
  3. Snow removal – Even though December was cold and snowy the snow expenses were within the 2017 budget. Council has asked HMLD to be judicious with the spreading of snow melt pellets.  They will try to only spread them on the first foot or so of our porches to allow people to step over them and not carry them into the house. Hopefully this will work.
  4. Leaf Removal – Due to the late December cold and snow the final leaf removal process will be delayed until somewhat warmer, dryer weather.
  5. Pool Walkway Railings – DiStefano will be quoting an added railing for the pool walkway for safer entry and exit.
  6. Window Caulking – We are accepting bids to re-caulk all windows in Franklin in 2018.
  7. Termite Inspection – The termite inspectioin/remediation policy is being rewritten per Council’s decision to pay for inspection every other year.
  8. Damaged Siding Repair – The corner board at 587 and the bottom panel of the garage door at 521 will be replaced.
  9. Franklin Fees – 85 of our 86 owners are current with the fees.
  10. Verizon – As one of the first villages converted, we now have Fios available to every home in Franklin. A number of owners have converted early to capture some additional savings. The final conversion to the Verizon Program will begin in March.  Verizon can convert 125 households per week so it will take approximately 14 weeks to convert all the homes in Hersheys’ Mill.
  11. Walking Trail – Ed McFalls asked Council if the MA could offer FV a “sweet deal” if they were to add a trail on Chandler behind Franklin, knowing that we rejected that idea a few years ago. Council voted only to look a proposal which would have included info on which trees on Chandler would eventually have to be removed at our expense. Unfortunately, they marked trees so Arader Tree Service could quote them and there was a feeling that this was a done deal.  Council is still against the trail and reaffirmed that with a unanimous vote at the last council meeting.

REMINDER – Next Village Meeting – Tuesday 2/27/18 7PM at the Community Center.




Franklin Village 2017 – Schedule of Events


DATE                      EVENT                                                 ORGANIZERS_

February 23               Meet & Greet (Community Center)          Eileen & Carolyn

March 24                   Bowling                                                 Jack & Julie

March 16                   Men’s Breakfast                                     Michael     

March 28                   FV Council Mtg, with Residents      —                  —

April 27                     Ladies Luncheon (Gen’l Warren)     Sandy & Jeanette

May to October          FV Bocce (1/month on Thursdays)           Eileen

May 23                      Potluck / Council Election Meeting     Peggy & Judy

June, July, Aug.         Summer Pool – Wednesdays         BYOB & Munchies

July 25                      Summer Barbecue & FV                Eileen                    

September                 9 hole golf tournament                  Arlene

September 26            FV Council Mtg, Officers only         —–

October                     TBD – Square Dance or DooWop   Carolyn or Sandy

November 28             FV Budget Meeting with Residents       —–

December 17             Holiday Brunch Buffet HMCC-Mill Room   Sandy & Jeanette

Email reminders and flyers will be sent a month prior to these events with additional information




Franklin Village Ladies Luncheon


 Thursday April 27, 2017 – Noon

General Warren Inne

9 Old Lancaster Road, Malvern 

Cost: $34 – Includes soft beverage, sales tax & gratuity


First Course:   Soup – Snapper or Soup of the Day

                        Salad – Mesclun or Classic Caesar

 Entrée:      Sautéed Crab Cake

                  6oz. Filet Mignon

                  Grilled Chicken on Mesclun Salad

                  Warren Burger 

Dessert:     Vanilla Ice Cream with Sauce

                  Chocolate Mousse

                  Mixed Fruit

RSVP by Friday, April 21st

========================================================= Clip Here

 Please indicate your entree: ________________________________________________

(First course and dessert will be ordered on day of luncheon.)

Return this portion with check payable to Franklin Village Social Committee to:

Sandy Ogletree at 527 Franklin no later than April 21st.

 NAME________________________________________HOUSE #_______

Franklin Village Recap of 2016

                                 The Master Association:

     1. The Rec Center (formerly pool house) is moving along nicely and should be completed on time and on budget. There will be a year round meeting room available, as well as year round access to bathrooms, along with a “warming room” for the Winter paddle players.

  1. The first phase of the new walking trails from Inverness to the East Gate has started. Future phases will have walking trails all the way to the Club. 
  1. The next trail phase will be from the East Gate to Devonshire. 
  1. Additional high resolution surveillance cameras have been installed at all entrances for increased security. 
  1. The East gate has had a turn-around added since some GPS’s bring visitors to that gate. 
  1. 130 homes sold in the Mill in 2016 
  1. For 2017 the Master Association fee is up approx. $2.00/mo/house.

                        Franklin Village 

  1. Franklin Village completed the final phase of transition from asphalt to concrete walkways – new walkways are wider/safer; brighter and more up to date. 
  1. All old, rotting garage doors were replaced with new fiberglass and insulated garage doors in a Terratone color to blend in with the roof shingles. They look much nicer, and operate quietly. Also any garage operator that didn’t meet code was replaced with a new, battery backed-up opener. 
  1. All the roads in the Village that were deteriorating were repaired and top-coated with a new asphalt coating. At the same time all storm drains were repaired, rebuilt or cleaned out. Three permanent speed humps were installed.
  1. The entrance at Chandler had the curbs replaced and a new streetlight was installed on the West side for safety. 
  1. 12 homes sold in the village in 2016. There are only two homes remaining for sale. 
  1. The village financials ended on a positive note as a check for $16,000 was received to finally close out the sale of 538. 
  1. Franklin Village switched to CSK Management Company as of 1-1-17. CSK manages a number of other Hershey’s Mill villages. A letter of introduction was sent out by CSK which included the new address/procedures on paying the quarterly fees. 
  1. Franklin quarterly fees still remain the lowest of our peer villages even though we have updated more of our physical property than any other village. 

We lost 4 village residents this year, Jerri Supko, Marta Simons, Jackie Hammerschmidt and Howard Fussell

 We welcomed the following new residents: 

523 – Bill Morrison/Jim Morrison

524 – Kevin & Margaret Callahan

534 – Harry & Joanne Johnson

538 – Joseph Yamaoka

552 – Maryann Di Nunzio

554 – Karen Dula

567 – Michele & Bob Cohen/tenant – Pat Coleman

582 – Julie Gerhardt

588 – Helen & John Hammerschmidt

601 – Patti George



Saturday, December 17, 2016

Arrival: 11:30am   Lunch: 12:15pm


HM Golf Club – Brandywine Room

PRICE: $25 * — Cash Bar or Charge to Club Account

Valet Service Provided

* * * RSVP by December 8th * * *



  1. Soup:
    • Cream of Mushroom


  1. Entrée: Circle Your Choice below:


Grilled Chicken with Greens,Candied Pecans,Feta Cheese & Cranberries

Served with a citrus vinaigrette


Open Faced Hot Beef Sandwich

Served with burgundy mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes


Crab Cake Salad

Served with a cream/mustard dressing


  1. Dessert: Chocolate Mousse with raspberry sauce


** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Baskets of Cheer Raffle

Contributions of goodies, liquor, wine and cash for the baskets can be dropped off at the Ogletree’s, 527 Franklin.


** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **


  • Circle your entrée choice/s above and return this flyer with payment to Ogletree’s at 527 Franklin Way (box at front door) no later than December 8th.                            ………………………Checks payable to Franklin Village Social Committee……………………


NAME/S_________________________________________HOUSE #______


For all changes or additions to existing structures, a Request Form must be submitted by the Homeowner (with contractors Certificate of Insurance and Permits) for approval by the Architectural Committee and Franklin Village Council. Note: All contractors must have a Pennsylvania HIC Registration # with the State of PA. However, having a PA HIC # does not exempt the need for permits for residential home improvement work. Home owner/contractor must check East Goshen Township for required permits (see website at Forms and applications for work requiring permits can be found at If a project needs a building permit, a copy must be submitted to the architectural committee for final approval at least 14 days prior to estimated start date.

The “Architectural Request Form” is available from the zone leaders of the Architectural Committee. (A copy of the revised 2016 form is attached to these guidelines for your reference. Outdated forms will not be permitted)

The Architectural Committee has decided to implement an annual spring walk-around to assess compliance to the Architectural Guidelines. Notification will be given to homeowners of any issues that need to be addressed. The committee will keep track of any homes in the village that are not in compliance, and MAMC will be notified of any that have not been resolved by the owner.


  1. General Rules


  1. Outside Contractors. All outside contractors working for the Homeowner must carry suitable insurance and be registered with the East Goshen Township and State of Pennsylvania. (see Above)


  1. Awnings.   Patio or deck awnings may not be up prior to March 15th and must be taken down by December 1st each year. The current retractable and stationary awnings are the only choices that are permitted. Awnings and poles must be maintained and rust-free.


  1. Deck Screening. Installation of “invisible” wire screen around deck railings is suggested.


  1. Deck Materials and Maintenance. Decks may be power-washed and sealed at the Homeowner’s expense. Clear sealants are approved. Brown stain or paint color must be preapproved by the committee.   Composite material such as “Trex” is approved for use as deck replacement material, but the color selection must be pre-approved by the committee. When decks are redone, the whole structure and railing must match. Clear stain cannot be put on pressure treated wood until after it is cured (about 6 months)
  2. Furniture Covers. Neutral toned plastic or canvas fitted furniture covers are not approved except for winter storage.


  1. Garden Hoses. Garden hoses, when not in use during gardening season, must be coiled unobtrusively in mulched area, under decks, or on hose reels. Hoses must be removed and stored in winter months.


  1. Hanging Flower Containers. All containers must be green, brown, black, white or terracotta color.


  1. Hose Faucets. The installation of additional frost proof faucets is suggested. It is the homeowners responsibly if this pipe freezes and needs to be replaced.


  1. Outdoor Light Bulbs. All lights on the outside of a house or in a mulched area must be white when lit.


  1. Realtor Signs. Realtor signs may be displayed in front of Homeowner’s property only on Sunday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm to identify an Open House.


  1. Name Signs. No name signs are permitted except on doorknockers.


  1. Window Films. Window films that block out ultraviolet rays may be installed on windows, skylights, and doors to protect furniture and rugs from damaging sun rays. 3M Scotchtint brand films, or equivalent, may be installed, providing the color is similar to Scotchtint’s defined: Clear, Light Neutral, Light Amber, or Gray. No other colors are permitted.


  1. Window Treatments. All curtains, drapes, blinds (including patio blinds), shades, decorative panels, objects, and other types of window coverings visible from outside the house must be backed on the exterior side with off-white or white color liners to create a uniform appearance.


  1. Two wreaths or flat back flower containers are allowed on three car garages and one wreath or flat back flower container is allowed on two car garages.


  1. Changes or Additions that Require an “Architectural Request Form” be Submitted


  1. Awnings. For new awning installations, the approved awning colors are:


  1. Walnut Brown – Sunbrella 4618
  2. 6” Solid Beige and narrow stripes – Sunbrella 4796.



  1. Extra Support for High Decks. Additional support for high decks on walk-out units has been reviewed and updated for the safety of the homeowner. Construction should be according to code, using 6”x6” posts on concrete pads and headed with three 2”x8” joists.


  1. Gas Fireplace. Gas fireplace logs not to exceed 18” may be installed. The maximum size propane tank allowed is 25 lb. The homeowner may manifold 2 – 25 lb. tanks. Tanks and gas line must be installed behind fireplace wall outside on a block base, in the mulched bed, and must be hidden by shrubs. The Landscape Committee can provide information on shrubs to hide the propane tank (or tanks), and a Landscape Request Form must be submitted for the installation of any shrubs. No fireplace propane tanks may be stored inside a shed, garage, house, or basement.


  1. Handrails. Handrails along steps may be installed after approval of materials, length and location.


  1. Individual Walkway. Pavers need to be approved and are at the homeowner’s expense and continued maintenance.


  1. Light Fixtures along Walk. Light fixtures may be installed along walks in mulched areas using Progress light fixtures P5205-31 (Home Depot will supply on special order) or those of similar design. Electrical installation from a house circuit must conform to code. Light fixtures should not be taller than 15”, mushroom shaped, black, and spaced no closer than five feet apart. Brightness should not be offensive to neighbors.


Solar light fixtures that do not require external wiring may be used providing the style, color and height are similar to that specified above and must be pre-approved by the Architectural Committee.


Lampposts, similar to existing ones, are permitted with prior approval of Architectural Committee.


  1. Rock Beds Under Decks. Rock beds under decks may be replaced with a suitably drained, reinforced concrete slab, and can be stamped concrete or pavers/slate.


  1. Skylight. Installation of a skylight/solar tunnel using an approved flashing kit is permitted. Color should blend with roof.


  1. Sliding Doors/Windows. Windows and sliding doors must be metal clad wood, similar in proportion to existing windows and sliders and the same dark brown as the windows of the main dwelling.


  1. Stoops and Patios. Existing stoops and patios may be maintained in the original concrete. Those covered with flagstone, stamped concrete, or red brick are allowed, but become the responsibility of the owner. No carpet is permitted on front stoops.


  1. Patio Enclosures. Patio enclosures must be stick built, not metal, with single sloped roof. Siding is to match existing siding. Gutters and downspouts must be connected to existing drains. Tempered glass is recommended for enclosures on the golf course. The original inside vinyl coated wall becomes the responsibility of the homeowner.

Metal enclosures are grandfathered. Maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner but must be approved by the Architectural Committee.

  1. Room Addition. Another type of approved enclosure is one whose roof extends to the existing roof ridge, which is completely finished inside, with heat and electricity, and which becomes part of the existing house. The size shall be no larger than the original patio or deck. Room additions not part of the original construction shall be subject to Franklin Village Architectural Guidelines and Council’s written approval prior to installation as to appearance, design, materials, and manner of installation.
  2. Screened-In Porch. Another type of approved enclosure is a screened-in porch, with a permanent roof that extends to the existing roof ridge. Screening, doors, and siding must match the existing structure. Screened-in porches not part of the original construction shall be subject to Franklin Village Architectural Guidelines and Council’s written approval prior to installation as to appearance, design, materials, and manner of installation.
  3. Basement Exits. Construction of a basement exit system must comply with current East Goshen Township Building Codes and will require, in addition to an Architectural Request Form, an Easement Agreement between the owner(s) and the Village of Franklin.
  4. Appropriate building permits and Architectural Committee approval must be obtained before any construction has been started.
  5. Physical location of opening, specifications and appropriate landscaping must be described at the time the request is submitted for approval.

iii.        Extension from and along the foundation should not exceed five feet in any direction. Maximum allowable height above normal ground level is eighteen inches (18”).

  1. Any construction that has not been approved must be removed or corrected at the owner’s expense.
  2. Opening must be covered and be able to withstand up to 450 pounds.
  3. Bulkhead doorways are not acceptable.

vii.       Homeowner(s) assume all liability of structural damage, flooding, and ground water, if any occurs.

  1. Exterior Doors and Side-Lights.


  1. Front Door Hardware. Door hardware may be bright brass or antique brass finish. The door lock-set must be fitted with a Schlage cylinder to key into the Master System. Locks can be keyed in by A-1 Security, 13 Coffman Street, Frazer, PA (610-647-5042).


  1. Replacement Front Doors and Side-Lights. The Homeowner may replace and paint the front door and side-lights, at the Homeowner’s expense.


  • Approved doors are manufactured by THERMA TRU Company, P.O. Box 8780, Maumee, OH 43537 or approved equal.
  • Approved door models are S926, S430 and TS296 (window at top). Also approved are 8 panel steel doors from Milliken Millwork available from Lowe’s.
  • Approved side-lights are S289ESL S430SL, and 100SL (clear glass)


iii.        Front Door and Side-Light Paint. The approved door colors are “Franklin Village Brown” or “Town and Country Red”. Side-light colors are red, brown or sandstone. All colors are available at Sherwin Williams Paints. Formulas are available from zone leaders.


  • If desired, the door jamb surrounding the door and the side-light may be painted to match the front door or storm door.
  • Illustrations of these doors and side-lights can be obtained from the Chairman of the Architectural Committee.


  1. Replacement Storm Doors. Factory finished storm doors are available in “Sandtone” or “Bronze” at Home Depot/Lowe’s. As an option, jambs surrounding the storm door may be painted to match the storm door. Paints to match are available at Sherwin Williams (formulas are available from the Architectural Committee members).
  • Note: Existing storm doors are not to be hand painted.



Master Association and Franklin Council Meeting Notes June/July 2016

June/July 2016 Franklin Village Notes

Master Association July 7th Meeting Update

 The MA Finance Committee is taking input from the different amenity offerings for 2017 budget considerations. These include the Wood Shop; Sports Group; Sullivan House; Pool; and Garden Committees. So far no program is requesting increased funds for 2017.

  • Sunoco Logistics still plans on starting the drilling for two pipelines on Boot Rd. this Fall.
  • Marc Fraser will be asking each owner to update their Resident Information forms this year. Letters with forms will be mailed out.
  • The number of gate activation devices allowed per resident will be increased from 6 to 10.
  • In view of the newly formed bike group and all the golf carts, Marc Fraser will be publishing some safety and driver courtesy suggestions.
  • The rebuilding of the Pool House begins just after the pool closes Labor Day. The new structure will be called the Rec Center and will have an additional room available for meetings.
  • Real Estate: As of June 30th 60 homes have sold and settled and another 17 are under contract. There are currently 58 homes listed as active with 4 of those under contract.
  • There are plans to install a “lighted” fountain in the pond at Mill and Chandler. The fountain would help aerate the water to eliminate the algae and keep the fish healthy. Lighting it would also affect the beauty of the pond at night. Donations have come from owners in many villages especially, Springton, Robynwood and Zephyr as well as from the Masters Association and Channel 20.

Franklin Council July 11th Meeting Notes

 The meeting was attended by Mike Burkholder of Asphalt Consultants to review the comprehensive report he did on the status of our roads. He spent almost 2 weeks in the Village, measuring, drilling, and otherwise determining the status of the roads. Mike has done surveys for a number of Villages in the Mill and the presidents and maintenance folks of those villages have spoken very highly of his work. His report covers the problems with our 3 cul de sacs, which have deteriorated substantially in the last few years and require substantial repairs even before they are resurfaced. He has estimated that to do the cul de sacs & the main road (which isn’t in as bad a shape) is approximately $383,000.            

Council approved an additional contract to Asphalt Consultants to construct a bid proposal and put the project out  to bid to 3 – 4 contractors to determine the exact costs involved. Council has decided to repave the roads this year, based on the report; and the fact that asphalt prices will never be lower than they are right now. Council also decided that the money will be raised with an assessment, which will be between $4000 and $5000.   More information to follow at the July 26th meeting.

  • We are also considering 3 permanent speed bumps (like the one on Mill) to be installed when we do the streets .
  • Dom and Jack met with Di Stefano construction to go over the punch list for a few concrete issues to be resolved as all the walkways are now complete, and are the talk of surrounding villages.
  • We have also discussed the pool walkway with Di Stefano and he has suggested lowering the first step to be flush with the new pavement then adding 2 steps to lessen the pitch.
  • We need to send Mid Atlantic the current Rules/Regs for the different committees in the village which is part of the package they send out to new Franklin Homeowners.
  • Mid Atlantic has met with Advantage, our exterminator, and inspections will continue.
  • Mildew removal is ongoing in the Village in July

 Phone scams – Villagers are receiving phone messages from the IRS claiming a potential lawsuit if you don’t send some $$$ immediately. Don’t call them back!!

   Franklin Real Estate:

             523 O’Byrne $295,000

            524 Jordan Sold

            535 Procko Sold

            538 Ruggiero reduced $259,000

            552 Supko $249,000

            567 Riker Sold-rented

            580 Simons reduced $429,000

            582 McCloskey reduced $275,000

            584 Vacant

            588 Vacant

            601 Simpson Sold


Next village meeting is scheduled for Tuesday July 26th, starting at 7PM. A BYOB summer picnic is scheduled prior to the meeting starting at 5PM. The cost is $14 per person and checks payable to the Franklin Village Social Committee can be dropped off at Eileen Rackover’s 557 by July 18th.


Franklin Village Summer Picnic & Meeting






5 PM to 5:30 Socialize

5:30 PM Dinner and Dessert

Followed by 50/50 Raffle and

a brief Village Meeting



Barbecued Chicken and Ribs

Hot Dogs & Sauerkraut

Potato Salad

Cole Slaw

Tomato and Cucumber Salad

Tossed Salad

Baked Beans


Assorted Cookies, Brownies and Cupcakes

$14 per person


Ice and Lemon Water provided



Names________________________________Unit #_____


Make checks payable to Franklin Village Social Committee and drop off at Eileen Rackover’s 557 Franklin before July 18th.

Franklin Village Committee Members 2016

Bobbi Rubenstein, Chair  549 – 577 VOLUNTEER NEEDED
Joyce Goodman 521 – 548
Julie Herring 521 – 548 MAINTENANCE
Walt Craven 549 – 577 Jack Fulmer
Jack Fulmer 578 – 606 Jon/Peggy Wolcken
Lee deRham 578 – 606
Jeanette Schmid
Judy Jurgan, Villager POOL SCHEDULE
Judy Jurgan, Web Page Jay /Louise Harter 05/30 – 06/05/16
Jack Keeley, FV Info Booklet Kathleen Villeneuve 06/06 – 06/12/16
Rich Jurgan 06/13 – 06/19/16
DECORATIONS Mike/Claudia Weber 06/20 – 06/26/16
Carolynn Hincken, Co-Chair Julie/Jack Keeley 06/27 – 07/03/16
Peggy Wolcken, Co-Chair Peggy Covatta 07/04 – 07/10/16
Ann Lane Flags Jack/Barbara Fulmer 07/11 – 07/17/16
Barbara Hamilton Mary Beth/Joe Snee 07/18 – 07/24/16
Ellen Maston Jim Tallman 07/25 – 07/31/16
Joan Eaves Flags Bruce Simon 08/01 – 08/07/16
Kathleen Villeneuve Mike Rackover 08/08 – 08/14/16
Kathy Fukui Carolynn/Ralph Hincken 08/15 – 08/21/16
Louise Harter Jeanette/Carl Daniel 08/22 – 08/28/16
Mary Beth Snee Cathy Young 08/29 – 09/04/16
Peggy Covatta Flags Dom Aleardi, Chair 09/05-07-09/16
Jeanette Schmid, Co.    09/06-08-10/16
Jay Harter, Chair SOCIAL 
Bobbi Rubenstein Eileen Rackover, Chair
Jack Keeley Barb Aleardi
Joe Herring Bobbe Schackel
Ralph Hincken Carolynn Hincken
Judy Jurgan
Jack Keeley, Chair  Nancy Satterfield
Maggie Thompson Co. Ch. 527 – 544 Peggy Covatta
Ann Lane 521-526, 598-606 Sandy Ogletree
Barb Ryan 545-558, 576-579
Carolynn Hincken 580 – 597 SUNSHINE
Julie Keeley 559-575 Erna Graham
Kathy Fukui 545-558, 576-579
Kitty Laudenslager 527 – 544 WELCOME
Marlene Houston 521-526,598-606 Jeanette Schmid, Chair
Tina Larsen 559-575 Sandy Ogletree, Co
Mariann Smith 580-597