How To Get Around

This page gives more detail about navigating the website.

Most people will to use the menu provided. It should be just above here and below the large picture on most computers. The appearance will vary a bit from computer to computer or if you are using a tablet or smart phone. Here we will give general directions which may be more detail than you need.

You will notice that some menu items have a downward facing triangle or arrow (▼). This simply means that when you move the cursor over that menu heading a submenu appears. If the submenu item also has an arrow but facing to the side (▶) these submenus lead another submenu . Sometimes this seems hard to naviagate, In that case you can just click on any menu or submenu item to see that menu or submenu as a list of links to all subpages.

I’m not sure if this clarifies or just confuses so let me give an example. If you pass you cursor over “TV & Digest”, you’ll find only 3 items on the submeunu (‘HM Directories’, ‘HMCTV’ and ‘Guide and Digest’). HMCTV has the sideway arrow so you know there is a submenu. On the other hand, if you click on TV & Digest” you’ll get links for the 3 items and also see that HMCTV has 3 subpages.

Having trouble with the menu ?. Scroll the main page downward so the menu bar is at the top. This step is not necessary but does make it easier by allowing more room for the menu to show. Next to the various categories, click the down arrow to view other related items that are in those categories. Click an item to view.

If you click on Page Index you’ll get a list of all pages and subpages on the website. It is a long list but it really is the easiest way to get around if you don’t feel like dealing with the menus.