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Comcast and HMC-TV Channel 20

  Many of you are new to the Hershey’s Mill community and may not know how to obtain repair service for your cable TV service or have questions answered. This article will address the issue.

  All villages should be able to receive the channels listed on our web site at These channels represent the level of service that is agreed to by the Master Association and Comcast. From time to time Comcast makes changes in their channel lineup. Residents may or may not receive a timely notice about such channel changes. Should you experience missing channels call Comcast at 855-638-2855 to obtain the necessary information.  I also highly recommend that you read your TV user’s manual pertaining to the setup section. In that manual you will find instructions on how to adjust your TV properly to place it in the Cable TV mode and allow it to “autotune” itself to any new channel changes. Comcast does not notify Channel 20 when they make these changes.

  Should you experience a complete outage, first make sure all cables are fastened tightly to their respective connectors. Also, check with a neighbor to see if they are experiencing similar problems before placing a service call. Call 855-638-2855 for a service outage. Channel 20 will have no information about general outages so please do not call us.

  Optional add-on services from Comcast such as digital recorders, high definition, premium channels, and Internet service, is at the Resident’s expense and is not covered under the basic plan.

  Finally, Channel 20 does not have any control over the Comcast’s channel selections or provide any repair service in a Resident’s home. We are a community access TV station staffed by Resident volunteers and assigned to channel 20 by Comcast.

  Don Trauger – President, HMC-TV