FIOS Favorites (Sept 2018)

Technology Tips – Published September 2018 in the Guide and Digest

By Don Trauger – Kennett

The Favorites button is the blue button with the white heart in the upper right center of the FIOS remote. By now you may have pressed it only to find it doesn’t seem to have any way to create your favorite channels. It’s not intuitive in that respect but that’s by design. The Favorites button works only as an access button for your Favorites once they are set up.

Setting up your favorite channels is easy and once that’s done then you can use the Favorites button to access your favorite channels.

Start by pressing the Menu button then press the up arrow button to get to Settings. Press OK twice. Press the down arrow button until you get to Favorite channels and press OK again. At Favorites 1 press OK again. Using the down arrow button move to Add or Remove Channels and press OK. Use the channel (CH) button on the remote to jump to the general location of channel you would like to add. Use the up/down arrow buttons to home in on the exact desired channel. You can hold down the Channel button to quickly move through the channel listing to get where your desired channel is located. You can also hold down the up or down arrow buttons to speed things along at a sequential rate. Once you arrive at your desired favorite channel press the OK button. This will add a red heart icon to the left of your desired channel. Continue the procedure to add more channels as desired.

When finished press the Exit button. Now you can use that “Heart” button to view your favorite channels. What will appear is the familiar channel listing grid that is now configured to show only your favorites. Use the up or down arrow buttons or the the Channel button to move to the channel you wish to view. Press OK and watch away!

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