FIOS Router Password (Jan 2019)

Technology Tips – Published January 2019 in the Guide and Digest

By Don Trauger – Kennett


FIOS Router Password – (Updated from July 2018 Guide & Digest)

When connecting a new wireless device such as a wireless printer, laptop or tablet to the internet you need to utilize the FIOS router password during the setup phase. You will also need the password when a guest arrives at your home and wishes to use his/her device to connect to your Internet service. Do NOT use the WI-FI password that is on the label of the router. The password on the label may be wrong. Many routers used in the HM installation were refurbished units and the label may still contain the original password. When the router was installed in your home the Verizon tech used a different password. If you have it written down then you should be fine. To access the correct Verizon router WI-FI password use your TV remote and proceed with the following instructions:

Turn on the FIOS set top box and TV then press the Menu button. Using the arrow buttons scroll up to Customer Support. Click OK. If you haven’t set up your personal pin number in Parental Controls Scroll down to Getting Started and scroll across to Set Parental Controls. Enter a 4 digit pin number then follow the screen prompts. You can set various age levels for Parental Controls. 18+ is for adults. A green check will appear in the Parental Controls block when completed successfully.

Next click My Dashboard if seen or press Menu again, navigate back to Customer Support and press OK. Select My Dashboard and press OK. Select MY-WI-FI and click OK. Enter your new pin number and press OK. You should now see SSID, Password and Encryption type. The password is needed by your wireless devices to work properly with each other and to connect to the Internet. Press Exit then select Exit to live TV and press OK.

Be patient as there are pauses in response from the system.

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