Optimize FIOS TV (June 2018)

Technology Tips – Published June 2018 in the Guide and Digest

By Don Trauger – Kennett

Optimize Your TV After FIOS is Installed

The following instructions will optimize your HD TV for the best quality picture. After my FIOS installation I found that by going through the following information I was able to make a modest improvement in picture quality. My FIOS installation consists of the Verizon Media Server System and is based on the model VMS1100 (server) and model IPC1100P2 (client). Model numbers are on the lower left corner for this system. Other Verizon set top boxes may have similar settings as in the following information.

Click Menu on the Verizon remote. Using the up arrow button go to Settings and click OK. System, on the left, should be highlighted. Under System, click the down arrow button to Audio & Video and click OK. Again using the down arrow button go to Video Settings then click OK. Video Format should be highlighted now click the right arrow button. You should see 1080i 16:9. If not press OK and using the up or down arrow buttons choose 1080i 16:9. Press OK to save your selection. Next, move down to SD Override. The setting should be Off. If not press the right arrow button to select it and press OK to save it. This will allow you to view HMCTV channels 1970 or 1971 in the proper perspective or aspect ratio. Moving down to TV Type it should indicate 16:9. Press the right arrow button to choose it and click OK. Under Graphic Settings you may want to choose SD instead of HD. Use the same arrow button procedures. It may produce slightly larger text in the Guide. Moving down to Video Sharpness choose either Sharp or Sharper. Avoid an engraved artifact particularly on the right side of an object.

To set up Caller ID to display on your TV do the following:

Go back to System (press twice using the left arrow button) then move down to Caller ID and click OK. Choose Check Availability and press OK. If the text on the right does not change, that means your Caller ID is already turned on. Moving down, Alert Display should show Enable, Alert Duration should be 10 seconds or high enough to give you a chance to see who is calling. Alert Position can be set anywhere as it’s your choice. Under Troubleshoot press the right arrow. You will see a window appear that shows the diagnostic running. Look closely to see if you received confirmation of a test phone call in the location on the screen that you selected earlier. Choose either Yes or No and press OK. Press Exit on the remote to return to live TV.

That’s it for FIOS optimization for your HD TV.

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