Robo Calls and FIOS (May 2018)


Technology Tips – Published May 2018 in the Guide and Digest

By Don Trauger – Kennett

For Verizon FIOS Digital Voice Users – Annoying Robo Calls

Would you like a way to block unwanted telephone calls? It’s far superior to the Do Not Call List and from a personal experience I find it blocks well over 90 % of incoming unwanted calls. This free service will interact with your incoming phone calls and determine if they are robo calls. After the service is set up any incoming robo call that rings your phone number will produce 1 ring and the caller ID says “Incoming call”. You should not answer this type of call. All other incoming calls will ring normally depending on how you set the number of rings on your phone before the call goes to voicemail. This article is an update about NoMoRobo from July’s 2017 Guide & Digest and how it pertains to Verizon FIOS telephone users.

To start go to At the Nomorobo site click the “Get Started Now” button to create your free account. Scroll down and click the down arrow at the far right of Step 1. Choose “Verizon FIOS Digital Voice”. In Step 2 enter your email address. Click Next and you will receive an Email from NoMoRoBo to the address entered in step 2. Click the blue button that says “Click Here to Setup NoMoRoBo”. Login into your account using the Email address in Step 2 and include any password. If you had NoMoRoBo for your Comcast Digital Phone, you can use the same password for Verizon. Next, go back to the NoMoRoBo home (main) page and click Questions. Click on “NoMoRoBo Landline Setup”. Click “See all 24 articles” then click “Verizon FIOS”. Follow the instructions and click on “FIOS Digital Voice Account Manager”. Login to your Verizon account. Complete your information then do Step 2 and click “Enable NoMoRoBo on FIOS Digital Voice Line” Below Step 2 are the remaining instructions with pictures to help you complete the NoMorobo setup.

Don’t forget to setup your Set-top box so you can get Caller ID on your TV screen. It’s very handy when your phone is not nearby.

To set up Caller ID on your Fios TV, follow these basic steps using your Fios remote control, press: Menu > Settings > Notifications > Caller ID > Check Availability,

A message will display to indicate that Caller ID is either available or unavailable.

If Caller ID is Available, press OK when prompted, select Yes to enable Caller ID, press OK. If Caller ID is Unavailable, you currently do not meet the equipment or service requirements, press OK.

Note: Once Caller ID is activated, it may take 24–48 hours to see alerts. You must activate Caller ID on each Set-top Box where you want the service.

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