Computer Networking (Jan 2018)

Technology Tips – Published January 2018 in the Guide and Digest

By Don Trauger – Kennett


First, let me explain what computer networking is. For home use it’s connecting 2 or more computers together in a way that they can share files and printers. Sharing files allows you view or edit files that are on another computer. The computers can be connected either wired (Ethernet cable) or wirelessly. The wireless method that follows is the most popular.


Windows 10 makes it easy to accomplish this networking task but one thing you must do is to copy the files you want to share and paste them, depending on the type of file, in special network folders called “Public Documents”, “Public Pictures”, “Public Music”, etc. You can do this on both computers or just one depending on your needs. For example, you may have a Word file in the regular Documents folder in “computer #1” that you want to share on “computer #2”. To  allow access to that file from “computer #2”, you must first copy that file to the “Public Documents” folder on “computer #1”. Networking 2 computers only works across these “Public” folders.


To start the sharing process open the File Explorer app, a yellow folder icon located on the Taskbar.  Click the “Documents” folder, locate the file you want to copy, right click it and click “Copy”. Scroll down, if necessary, until you see “Network” at the bottom on the left side. Open the “Network” folder and click “computer #1”. Click “Users”, Click “Public”, click “Public Documents” to open that folder. Right click a blank area of this folder then, in the pop-up menu, click “Paste”. For convenience you can make a Desktop shortcut icon on either computer for access to the “Public” folders.


One note is that “computer #1” and “computer #2” are used as examples in this text. Your actual computer names will obviously be different. Also, since this is a home scenario, you can turn off password sharing. Open the Control Panel by typing “co” (no quotes) in the “Type here to search” box at bottom left, click “Network and Sharing Center” or choose “View network status and tasks”, then click “Change advanced sharing settings” at the upper left. Next, across from “All Networks”, click the little down arrow. At the bottom click “Turn off password protected sharing”.


Networking will be discussed at our January 16 session at 7 PM upstairs in the Community Center’s Ardmore room. There also will be time to answer any other questions you may have about Windows 10. Also, make sure to visit our website to read about the latest FIOS transition information. Type telecommunications in the Search field at upper right to see past and present information regarding the transition.