Copying Photos From a Mobile Phone to a Windows 10 PC (Aug 2019)

Technology Tips – Published August 2019 in the Guide and Digest

By Don Trauger – Kennett

It’s easy to copy your photos on a mobile phone to a PC.

Make sure you have your charging cable available because it will serve as the connection between your phone and the PC. Also, check that the phone has a sufficient charge before starting the process.

Connect the cable to your phone and the Windows 10 USB port. Turn on the phone and PC. For Android phones touch “Settings” then touch “Connected devices” then touch “USB”. It will be necessary to change from “Charge this device” to “Transfer files”. On your Windows 10 PC open the Photos app. Locate it either in the Live Tiles area or in the apps menu by clicking the 4 pane white icon (Start) in the lower left corner of the screen. Open Photos then click Import at the upper right of the window. In the drop down menu choose “From a USB device”.

All photos found will be automatically selected to be imported. Click “Unselect all” so you can choose only those you want imported into the PC.

Finally, after you have made your selections, click “Import selected”. The photos from your phone will now be imported into the Pictures folder of Windows 10. All photos selected and imported into Windows 10 will safely remain on the phone.

Using an iPhone to import photos into Windows 10 is very similar to an Android phone. In fact, you shouldn’t have to go into Settings to make any changes.

We will discuss this procedure at our PC Club meeting on August 20 at 7 PM upstairs in the Community Center.