Keyboard Shortcuts

Don Trauger – Kennett

This was originally written for the November 2005 TV-Guide. It’s been updated and now shows keyboard shortcuts
using the Windows key.

Many of us are so used to the mouse that the keyboard is all but forgotten except for typing e-mails or documents.
The mouse, of course, is necessary for many operations but the keyboard can still add flexibility in your computing
routine instead of just typing documents. A keyboard shortcut is defined as merely pressing and holding one key while
momentarily pressing a second. Example: Hold down the Ctrl key and press the S key. (See the first shortcut under
Most Windows Programs.

Ctrl > C, X, and V are very handy shortcuts when typing a letter and moving parts of text around.
A general good tip: Remember to save your document frequently so as not to lose more than a few minutes of work.

Here’s a list of shortcuts you may find helpful.

Most Windows Programs

Ctrl > S – Saves the current document.
Ctrl > O – Opens a new document.
Ctrl > Z – Undo the last thing you did.
Ctrl > Y – Undo the last undo.
Ctrl > A – Selects the entire document.
Ctrl > C – Copies highlighted text to memory.
Ctrl > X – Removes highlighted text and puts it in memory.
Ctrl > V – Pastes the items from Ctrl > C and Ctrl > X back to the document.
Ctrl > P – Prepares the printer for printing.
Ctrl > I – Turns on/off Italics on highlighted text.
Ctrl > B – Turns on/off Bold on highlighted text.
Ctrl > U – Turns on/off Underlining on highlighted text.
Ctrl > F – Opens a Find/Search window.
Ctrl > Home – Go to the beginning of the document.
Ctrl > End – Go to the end of the document.

Windows Key > D – Minimizes open program windows and displays the Desktop screen.
Windows Key > F – Displays the Search window.
Windows Key > M – Minimizes all open windows.
Windows Key & Shift > M – Restores minimized windows. (Hold the Windows key and Shift key together and press the M key)
Windows Key > F1 – Displays Windows Help.

Internet Explorer Shortcuts

Alt > D – Go to the Address field.
Ctrl > Enter – Go to site that’s typed in the Address field.
Ctrl > R – Refresh the current Web page.
Ctrl > E – Shows/Hides an optional Search Toolbar.
Ctrl > F – Opens a Find/Search window.
Ctrl > H – Shows/Hides History bar.
Ctrl > I – Shows/Hides Favorites bar.
Alt > Home – Go to your Home page.
Ctrl > O – Opens a window for you to go to another Web site.
ESC – Stop downloading current Web page. (single key press)

If you haven’t used keyboard shortcuts previously it may take time getting used to them. Once you are familiar
with them they can be time savers.
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