Maintenance Importance

Don Trauger – Kennett

I’ve been writing this column for over 10 years and two areas I’ve stressed over and over are anti-virus/anti-spyware protection and system maintenance.
It seems some folk still disregard the aforementioned and blithely operate their computers as if all is well in the world. I hear all kinds of excuses
regarding maintenance like “Oh, that’s too complicated for me”, or “I’m a computer illiterate”, or “I just don’t understand what you write”.

They are probably honest answers but they don’t solve the problems building in your computer and only add to it. Everyday you use your computer, once
used and now discarded files build up on your hard drive. On a daily basis they can number in the thousands especially if you access the Internet. Over
time they can slow, freeze, or eventually crash a computer. I often wonder how many people have simply swept the problem under the rug and then went out
to purchase a new computer only to start the cycle all over again. Of course this wastes hundreds of dollars plus the loss of personal data such as
emails, programs, pictures, etc. when all that was needed was routine maintenance.

We all have our cars serviced including an oil change on a regular basis. At least I hope so. Computers also need routine maintenance. With cars, most of
us understand little of what goes on “under the hood”. Computers may be in the same category but with a little knowledge and hands on experience you can
become an expert – at least in providing the necessary routine maintenance. All of my articles provide click by click instructions, meaning you don’t have
to understand everything you are reading but simply follow along and perform the needed maintenance. Of course at our PC Club meetings you can ask questions
to gain more knowledge or attend a special session that deals with computer maintenance. This special session will be advertised on the Ch. 20 Bulletin
Board shortly. Our sessions are for everyone not just those that have experience.

Once you have gained the knowledge necessary to keep your computer running properly you’ll benefit by extending its lifetime and reducing your frustration
with the computer’s performance.

If you have recently purchased a new computer get started right as this is an excellent time to learn how to care for it. Chances are your computer
manufacturer has supplied little if any information on proper system maintenance. Microsoft also has done little to provide easy step by step maintenance
instructions. One session at our PC Club will give you enough confidence to take care of your computer!

To view past articles on computer maintenance go to our web site and click on Tech Tips. Click on Computer Performance & Maintenance
Tips and then click on Maintenance – Basic, then followed by Maintenance – Recommended. To help answer your computer questions we meet the 2nd Tuesday
evening of each month at 7:00 PM upstairs in the Community Center.