Windows 10 Themes (Feb 2017)

Technology Tips – Published February 2017 in the Guide and Digest

By Don Trauger – Kennett



Microsoft provides a way to beautify your computer screen using Themes. Themes can be described as a pictorial slide show. They consist of a group of very high quality photographs that change automatically. The timing of the photographs is adjustable by the user. They install as a background feature in Windows and don’t interfere with normal computer activities. They do replace whatever you are currently using so before you try a Theme be aware of the change. Nothing is deleted so it ends up as swapping one picture or background for another. Don’t like a Theme? You can download another or go back to what you had.

Before you install a Theme there’s one thing you must do and that is turn off your screen saver if you are using one. It turns out that these two visual features in Windows can clash with each other. To turn off the screen saver, open the Control Panel by right clicking the Start button. The Start button is the 4 pane white icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Then, left click Control Panel. When the Control Panel opens look at the “View by:” field, in the upper right part of the window and select “Large icons”. Next, click Personalization. If necessary, highlight Unsaved Theme. At the bottom right, click “Screen Saver”. In the Screen Saver window, select “(None)” and OK the window.

Here’s how to download a Theme. With the Personalization window open, at the right side click “Get more themes online”. You will then be taken to Microsoft’s Desktop Theme web site. Don’t worry they work on laptops too! Some Themes even come with sounds if you like that feature. You can scroll down the page and select any Theme that stirs your interest.

Once you have downloaded the Theme, go to your Downloads folder in File Explorer. Do this by clicking the yellow icon on the Taskbar that is shaped like a folder. Double click the Downloads folder then double click your new Theme download. It will load automatically and take you to the Personalization window in the Control Panel. Highlight, if necessary, “Unsaved Theme” by clicking once. To time the slide show click “Desktop Background” at the bottom. Select 1 Minute in the “Change picture every” field. You can select other times as well. Select “Shuffle On” to select the pictures randomly. To Delete a Theme you must save it first. Highlight it then click “Save theme” to the right then right click the theme and click Delete. However, it’s not necessary to do this to have it work properly.

Themes are a great way to beautify the screen and get rid of a boring manufacturer’s logo.

Please come to the PC Club meetings. We’ll show you how to install and adjust Themes. Also, there will be time for your general questions. We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7 PM in the Community Center.