Windows 10 (Aug 2015)

By Don Trauger – Kennett

Technology Tips – Published August 2015 in the Guide and Digest


Windows 10 is here! By the time your read this, Microsoft should have released Windows 10 on July 29th. During the past 2 months or so, you may have noticed or clicked a new 4 pane white icon near the clock. This icon is a reminder to take advantage of the FREE upgrade to Windows 10 that will remain available for 1 year. The icon will only be displayed on Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC’s. Windows Vista or XP users are out of luck. What does this mean for Windows 7/8 users?


This free upgrade is a complete diversion from past Microsoft business practices. Normally version upgrades take the path of a consumer visiting a retail store or going online and purchasing the new operating system, often costing well over $100. Why is Microsoft doing this? Although there are scant details, it’s believed there are tax and competitive advantages.


I highly recommend that you DO NOT install this upgrade for at least 2-3 months. If there are bugs, and surely there will be some, let other power users experience the problems and send the information to Microsoft for correction.


Here’s what I recommend you should do to prepare your PC to upgrade to Windows 10. A PC that is running slow, has not had routine monthly maintenance and a malware/virus scan, should not be upgraded until the aforementioned is performed. After the preparation tasks are completed, create a Restore Point. In case disaster strikes, a restore point may help in restoring the computer back to a point in time when it was working correctly.


The Hershey’s Mill website contains past articles I’ve written on how maintain and secure your PC. I suggest you read and apply the following information contained in the listed links before you upgrade. For Maintenance, copy this link into your browser (Internet Explorer or Chrome). For Security, copy the following:


After completing the above tasks it’s a good idea to create a Restore Point. Open the Control Panel, click the System icon, click System protection, then click the Create button and follow the screen prompts.


Since there is plenty of time for you to maintain and check the security of your system before upgrading (you have until July 28th 2016), be sure to attend the the PC Club meeting to ask any questions about the upgrade. Also plan your system cleanup and security check a few days before you do the upgrade.


Please note that the PC Club will now meet on the 3rd Tuesday at 7PM of each month instead of the 2nd Tuesday in the Community Center on the 2nd floor in the Ardmore room.