Volunteer Opportunities

Helping others while contributing and feeling worthwhile yourself.

Volunteer Opportunities within Hershey’s Mill

  • Careshares – helping your neighbor
  • Hershey’s Mill activity group (activity groups often need help)
  • Hershey’s Mill pool check-in (summer)
  • HM Branch of Paoli Hospital Auxiliary

    See more about the Paoli Hospital Auxiliary (HM Branch)

  • TV Channel 20 (HMCableTV20) Contact hmctv@comcast.netpicture of HMC TV20 Logo

    The studio is located at 20 Hershey’s Drive, near the Main entrance to Hershey’s Mill. Over 50 volunteers consisting of advertising sales specialists, studio set designers, cameramen, video editing technicians, accounting clerks, and many more that are responsible for keeping the station on the air and moving forward.

  • Website (yes, this one- hersheysmill.org) Contact webmaster@hersheysmill.org

    Help of all types needed. Spend as much or as little time as you like. Pick an aspect that is interesting to you. If you know something about computers and the internet, great. If you don’t and want to learn, you can. Much of what we do is not that hard or complicated. And there are plenty of other things. Maintain some of our pages (maybe more pages for your village or activity), gather information, write, edit, give your opinion, somehow it all comes together as a good resource for HM residents. Be a part of it.

Other Volunteer Opportunities: