For New Residents

Welcome to Hershey’s Mill. This website has many pages of information you may find helpful but to start you off, we would like to point out a few that you may want to see right away.

  • Security: Security is an important part of living in the Mill. Please keep your information current. You should have filled out a form at closing that takes care of this but inform security if there are changes. Read how to use our security features as needed.
  • FiOS: All homes in Hershey’s Mill are eligible for FiOS connections for telephone, television and internet. Follow the link to learn how to set up your FiOS connection.

    The telephone is a major part of security for both your new home and your neighbors. Please make sure it is working properly.

    The link takes you to information on our FiOS system. There is a lot of information so please read the introduction on the linked page so you can find the parts relevant to you.

  • Maps: Hershey’s Mill is a community of 1720 homes in 25 villages. The villages and various facilities are spread across over a square mile (nearly 800 acres) so here is a link that will take you to an internal map of HM as well as maps of the larger area.
  • Directories: Each house is provided a directory of residents with contact information. If you don’t have a copy or want an extra copy, see this link.
  • How to get around this website: If you want to learn more about how to use the website see this link or the other items under HELP on our menu.
  • You may want to read about our Facilities and Activities