Gates and Visitor Information

Hershey’s Mill is a gated community.

There are four gates for entry into Hershey’s Mill. Visitors (without Hershey Mill’s entry cards) can use only the Main and North Gates for entry. Both of these gates are on Greenhill Rd. The additional gates can be used for entry only by those with Hershey Mill’s entry devices.

Hershey’s Mill residents should call the Main Gate Security Center to provide authorization for expected guests not already registered. Failure to provide Security with guest authorization WILL RESULT IN THE GUEST BEING DENIED ENTRY INTO HERSHEY’S MILL, should the resident be unavailable.


Hershey’s Mill Security has installed new guest call boxes at the North and Main Gate guest entrance lanes on Greenhill Road.

The Security Department has been running into an increasing number of guests who (1) don’t know the house address they are visiting, (2) attempt to gain entry into Hershey’s Mill by simply pulling up to a gate, and (3) believe that using their cell phone to call a resident will give them access to Hershey’s Mill.

Residents, because they are the first point of contact with their guests, play a critical role in ensuring that guest entry runs smoothly; and it is important that they relay to their guests the basic instructions on entering their gated community. When these instructions are not offered, it can back traffic up at various gates and lengthen the amount of time it takes for a guest to be able to enter Hershey’s Mill. This can lead to the guest, and the people in line behind them, to become confused and frustrated.

Below are the three means of guest entry, and the resident’s role in each:


The primary, and easiest means by which a resident’s guest can gain entry into Hershey’s Mill is by using the guest phone boxes located at the North and Main Gate entrances. These are new phones using a color, touch-screen display. While instructions are provided at each of the guest phone boxes, residents should also:

  1. Make sure their guest knows the house (address) number they are visiting.
  2. Provide their guest with directions on how to use the guest phone box:
    1. Press “Phone Call”
    2. Then choose “Directory Code” and enter the resident’s 4-digit house #.
      If less than 4 digits, add 0’s at the beginning to make it a 4-digit number…for example, house number 91 would be entered as “0091”).
    3. The guest also has the choice to press “Search By Name.” Choosing this allows them to begin typing the resident’s first or last name, and they can simply press the resident’s name once it pops up on the screen.

***We highly recommend that residents operate the guest phones themselves, to better understand the procedure.

  1. Verify that the guest is calling them from a guest phone box, rather than from the guest’s cell phone.

*** The gate will only open when receiving a command from the guest phone box. Calling from a cellular phone will not allow the gate to open.

  1. Press “9” on their phone several times to open the gate. When the gate goes up, you will hear a ring to signify that the gate opened for your guest.



The file for each Hershey’s Mill residence contains a guest list; and this list, which can be edited by the resident, contains the names of companies and individuals who the resident has elected to allow into Hershey’s Mill to visit them at any time, or for a specific period of time. If expecting a visit from a guest who is on their guest list, the resident should:

  1. Make their guest aware that they should still attempt to use the guest call box to reach the resident, unless the resident will be away from home.
  2. Inform the guest they will need to present Photo ID.



If a resident is expecting a guest, who is not currently on their Guest List (described above), to arrive in the next couple of days; but they are concerned they will miss the guest’s call from the guest call box, then they can call the Security Center at 610-436-6403 to have their guest’s name recorded on the daily admittance list.

If calling ahead to add a guest’s name to the daily admittance list, the resident should:

  1. Call Security no more than a day or two in advance of their guest’s arrival.
  2. Be prepared to provide Security with their 4-digit ID number (the number the resident chose and wrote on their Resident Information form).
    1. If you do not know this number, you should stop by the Security Center to look it up….or change it to something easy to remember.
  3. Inform their guest that they have been placed on the daily admittance list.
  4. Inform their guest that they may be asked to provide Photo ID.

If you have any questions regarding the operation of the new guest call boxes, please feel free to contact the Security Department at 610-436-6403.

Click the underlined directions on how to get to and from Hershey’s Mill using the Mapquest connection. Main Gate Address: 1500 Greenhill Road, West Chester, PA 19380 or another specific address.

For residents with a security or an emergency issue dial 610-436-6403.

Dial 911 for Fire, Ambulance, Police.