Gates and Visitor Information

Hershey’s Mill is a gated community.

There are four gates for entry into Hershey’s Mill. Visitors (without Hershey Mill’s entry cards/clickers) can use only the Main and North Gates for entry. Both of these gates are on Greenhill Rd. The additional gates can be used for entry only by those with Hershey Mill’s entry devices.

Hershey’s Mill residents should call the Main Gate Security Center to provide authorization for expected guests not already registered. Failure to provide Security with guest authorization WILL RESULT IN THE GUEST BEING DENIED ENTRY INTO HERSHEY’S MILL, should the resident be unavailable.


Hershey’s Mill Security has installed new guest call boxes at the North and Main Gate guest entrance lanes on Greenhill Road in late 2014.

For visitors to gain entry into Hershey’s Mill, be sure to use the visitor lane from the Greenhill Road entrances:

  • 1. Press the “phone” button to activate the gate phone. The gate will not open if the visitor is calling from his/her mobile phone.
  • 2. Enter the host resident’s 4-digit house/street address number. If fewer than 4 digits, then precede with zero’s “0”s.
House number Enter
9 *#0009
99 *#0099
999 *#0999
9999 *#9999


  • 3. The call box will ring the resident’s phone. The visitor waits until phone responds and speaks with resident. With communication established, the resident can push an entry number (9) on his/her phone to open the gate (just like the previous system). The resident may hear a beep when the gate is raised, then the phone call will disconnect.
  • Know only one car per gate phone call may pass through the gate.


The new call boxes also contain a built-in resident directory that is sorted alphabetically by last name to help reach the host resident.

Know the resident’s telephone number will never be displayed to the visitor.

If you have any questions regarding the operation of the new guest call boxes, please feel free to contact the Security Department at 610-436-6403.

Click the underlined directions on how to get to and from Hershey’s Mill using the Mapquest connection. Main Gate Address: 1500 Greenhill Road, West Chester, PA 19380 or another specific address.

For residents with a security or an emergency issue dial 610-436-6403.

Dial 911 for Fire, Ambulance, Police.