Your Privacy and Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 privacy – An Concern for Your Security by Don Trauger for this part

It’s interesting to note that as advances are made in technology, especially with consumer items, your personal data is being compromised almost every step of the way. Windows 8.1 doesn’t go as far as the Fire phone but it has some privacy settings that should be reviewed.

To adjust your privacy settings move the mouse pointer to either the extreme upper right of lower right corners. Hold it there until you see the Charms bar pop out from the right side of the screen. Click the gear (Settings) at bottom of the bar, then click Change PC settings at the bottom. Next, click Privacy in the list on the left side of the screen. Under General my recommendation’s settings that all the settings but one should be turned off. The one that should be on is the SmartScreen filter. To change a setting click on gray space opposite the little black bar. If a setting is grayed out it means it cannot be changed. Next, click on Location. All of the settings should be turned off. Click Webcam and turn off all the settings. I know some of you use Skype so you can turn it on when needed. Clicking Microphone you will see Skype again so it needs to be on when using that program.

The idea behind Windows 8.1’s Privacy that it too will harvest your personal data if you permit it. Maybe it’s not as bad as the Fire phone but it certainly is crafted along the same lines.

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