UPass – New Gate SECURITY Entry System

Security and Marc Fraser announced the installation of UPass, a new gate entry system utilizing EZPass type technology for residents in 2014.

Hershey’s Mill is no longer able to purchase any of past gate access devices which necessitated the purchase and installation of a new gate access system. The UPass system works in addition to existing devices. This means that current clickers and swipe cards will remain operational for the foreseeable future. However, they will no longer be able to purchase.

UPass tag readers are installed at all four of the Hershey’s Mill resident entry gates. When a vehicle containing a UPass windshield tag or proximity card approaches within 9-12 feet of the gate, the UPass reader receives a signal from the UPass windshield tag or card; and the gate will open for the resident.

UPass windshield tags and proximity cards can be ordered by residents from the Hershey’s Mill Security Center located at the Main Gate. Simply stop by the Security Center, fill out an order form, and someone from the Security Department will call when your order is ready to be picked up. Keep in mind that each residence is still allowed a total of only 6 gate devices (clickers, swipe cards, and UPass devices). If a residence already has the maximum number of 6 devices, you will not be able to purchase a UPass device unless you forfeit one of your existing 6 devices.

UPass windshield tags cost $15 each while UPass proximity cards cost $20 each.

The new UPass system, simplifies gate entry, gives residents a less expensive alternative to clickers and swipe cards, and eliminates the often frustrating task of attempting to program a clicker signal into the overhead computer of an automobile! If you have any questions regarding the UPass gate entry system, please feel free to contact Security at 610-431-4006.