Telecommunications Update

This section will serve to inform Hershey’s Mill residents of the telecommunication changes in the transition to Verizon FiOS in 2018.   (Last update June 19, 2018)

Do not sign up for any Comcast/Xfinity service or upgrade that extends beyond March 1, 2018 which is the beginning date of the Verizon transition. You may end up paying for unavailable services.

Returning your Comcast equipment: There is no need to call Comcast first before returning your equipment. Simply go to the Comcast Service Center at 106 Bartlett Avenue (Near Bed Bath and Beyond) Exton, PA 19341, and they will handle both the cancellation of your account and returned equipment with a receipt.


BBU– How to change the batteries in the Battery Backup Unit, read here
Password Change – How to change your WIFI Network Name and Password, read here
Remove the Open Banner– How to remove the open banner (press menu) when you turn on TV, read here
Guide Font Size – How to change the font size on your television Guide, read here.

2018-06-11: Amazon Firestick, how to set it up, read here.

2018-06-11: Amazon Echo and Voice Commands with Verizon FiOS Interaction, read here.

2018-06-05: Verizon FiOS bill update & last call information regarding router location and large button remotes. The memo from the Transition Team, read here.  To see the 2 remotes that are available, click here.

2018-05-24: Last Call for Transition to Verizon FiOS – note from the Verizon Transition team, read here.


2018-05-22: Verizon FiOS HD Channel Listing in larger print, read here.   Note that it does not identify the channels by package (Preferred or Extreme or Ultimate or Custom or Premium)

2018-05-10: There are only 19 days left, if you still have questions here is the schedule for the remaining presentations (Transition and Experience), read here.

2018-03-05: Amazon Echo (Alexa) and Verizon FiOS Interaction, read here.

Postings 2018-03-02: (Updated 2018-03-29) This is the latest information for ALL residents regarding the transition to Verizon FiOS. It is a lot of information but will answer most all questions. They are arranged in a ‘priority’ sequence, top to bottom.

1. Schedule: (Updated 2018-03-29) Schedule of Transition meetings through May end, read here.
Updated Apr 11th-Schedule of the remaining meetings of the Verizon Experience Team (discussion of equipment), read here.
2. Spring Transition for Everyone: Steps and information for EVERYONE, includes meeting schedules, read here.
3. Pre & Post Install: things to know and do Before, During and After transition, FAQ’S and COMCAST Information, read here.
4. Verizon Call Center: How to Prepare for Making the Call Center Phone Call to Set up Your Verizon Account, Order Services and Equipment and Make an Installation Date, read here.
5. Contact Info: Telephone numbers and how and what to email for assistance, read here.
6. Early Adopters: Important Instructions for Early Adopters to convert to HM bulk rates and Save Money, read here.
7. Unfreeze Credit: Since Verizon requires a credit check to open an account, suggestions as to how to temporarily unfreeze your credit and recover lost Pin numbers, read here.
8. Battery Backups: Battery Backup details and explanations, read here.
9. New Home Owners or Move Ins or New Renters, read here.
10. Current Renters and Landlords, read here.
11. Remote Quick Guide: 12 page user written guide with helpful tips for the Verizon Remote, read here.
12. Channel 20 (HMTV) is now Channel 1970 and if you are a NETFLIX subscriber go directly to Channel 838.
13. Enable Caller ID on TV: How to get Caller ID on your TV, read here.
14. TV Banner: How to remove the banner that says to “Press Menu” when you turn on your TV, read here.
15. Apps vs On Demand vs DVR: Tips regarding FiOS Apps vs. $On Demand vs DVR, read here.
16. Music Channels: Guide to Music from Verizon FiOS, read here.
17. Alarm Panel Self Tests: How To – It is Easy! , read here.
18. Posted Apr 24th: How to save your favorite channels, read here.