Summary of Villages

There are 25 villages within Hershey’s Mill. Each is governed separately by a village council. But the villages of Heatherton, Lincoln, and Newbury have opted to band together into a single council (HLN below). All village councils are a part of the Hershey’s Mill Master Association. Villages were built and named primarily in alphabetic order. Ashton models of the mid 1970s became Westbrook.

All villages have a 1 page summary provided by Hershey’s Mill Cable TV (HMCTV) on this website (see Village menu). Several villages have their own websites or additional pages on this website with more extensive information (listed below).

The Villages of Hershey’s Mill

Village Year Units Elections Village website
Ashton 1978 100 Sept
Brighton 1978 100 Nov
Chatham 1979 54 April
Devonshire 1980 112 April
Eaton 1983 142 May
Franklin 1984 86 May More pages maintained by Franklin
Glenwood 1985 37 April More pages maintained by Glenwood
Heatherton (HLN) 1986 48 May
Inverness 1985 97 June  More pages maintained by Inverness
Jefferson 1987 146 May More pages maintained by Jefferson
Kennett 1988 141 Spring More pages maintained by Kennett
Lincoln (HLN) 1986 25 May
Merrifield 1989 27 April
Newbury (HLN) 1986 16 May
Oakmont 1991 23 Nov
Princeton 1990 69 May
Quaker 1997 76 Spring More pages maintained by Quaker
Robynwood 1995 62 Nov More pages maintained by Robynwood
Springton 1998 53 May
Troon 1996 41 April  More pages maintained by Troon
Ulster 1998 88 Spring  More pages maintained by Ulster
Vassar 1998 20 May
Westbrook 1983 12 June
Yardley 1999 138 April
Zephyr 2005 8 ?

The “More pages maintained by” links usually link to the 1 page provided by this website. Links to the additional pages are found near the bottom of that page. Some villages maintain their own websites and links are provided here.