Wood Shop Benefits

Were you aware that the Wood Shop not only maintains an incredibly wide array of machines and tools but also repairs and restores items and offers classes?  For example the lathe class, to view click here.

November 30, 2018
To see photos documenting the expansion of the Wood Shop, see here.

July 12, 2018
The Wood Shop has initiated a fund raising effort to help defray the cost of the Wood Shop expansion, see here.

January 01, 2015

Benefits of membership at Hershey’s Mill Wood Shop

December is always the month for renewal of your annual membership. Today is a good time to consider a new membership at one of the finest amenity’s at Hershey’s Mill.

Benefits include:

  1. Total access to the Wood Shop with your own personal key! Come and go as you wish! Access hours are 5:00 am to 8:00 pm seven days per week!
  2. Provided for all members are nails, screws, glue, paper, and a cupboard full of solvents.
  3. A car wash with hoses, vacuum machine, buckets and brushes.
  4. Computer for your use with internet connection and Wi-Fi.
  5. Access “How to Videos” on sanding, finishing, building and assembling wood projects.
  6. Lots of help from members to learn the basics of using the woodshop.
  7. Plenty of bench space to work on projects. Plenty of space to store your current project.
  8. A painting area with exhaust fan and floor covering.
  9. Plastic wrap and quilts to protect your project while transporting it from the shop
  10. Provided also is any type of tape for use while assembling or finishing or painting numerous types of projects.
  11. All types of clamps from one inch to eight feet long. Bar clamps, C-clamps and numerous other types!
  12. Floor machines with safety devices. All types of hand held electric machines including sanders, routers, saws, drills, biscuit machines, saber saws, power staplers, and light duty staplers. You will never need to buy any tool again! The shop has a takeout policy for member’s needs at home any hand tool!
  13. A drafting table with drafting tools is provided for planning and designing your project.
  14. A complete library with “How to Do Books” and up to date magazine to order hardware.
  15. Provided is a Power Washer, and a paper cutter for your use. Save a lot of money each year by learning to do your own fix-up projects around the house!

All residents have our open invitation to visit the Wood Shop at any time. If there is a car in the parking lot you will know someone is in the shop to show you around! Call the Wood Shop at 610-431-4248 and if someone answers the shop in open and available to visit, so please visit us!!

Membership applications are available at the Wood Shop at the following address:

#45 HERSHEY’S MILL DRIVE   PHONE (see Activities Contact in HM Guide and Digest)