September Meeting Notes 2019

Notes from the 9-24-19 Franklin Village meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7PM.  Three of 5 of the Council members were in attendance)Joni Welliver and Jay Harter were absent

Financials (Jack Keeley)- We are currently under budget on the bottom line but our grading and drainage account is over budget by $11,763. With the deluge of rain in May to July (30”) we have 5 basements and 7 garages that will need work to eliminate that in the future. Most of these bills have yet to be realized since HMLD is behind. Jay estimates by year end we may end up with a deficit of approx. $15-20,000. With a total budget of $550,000 this works out to about 4% and will be carried over to 2020. However our Reserve fund is in Great shape at $496,000 and projected to be over a million by 2025. We begin our 2020 budgeting soon and will have to be aware of increasing drainage and maintenance costs as the village gets older.

Master’s Association– Only new member is George Earle from Yardley.

The elevator will not be completed till early 2020.

 Roadwork at Devonshire and Yardley is completed railings have been installed on the latest addition of the walking trail.

MA meetings may be switched to Mondays

-Insurance Committee is looking for a volunteer with experience.

The Kane’s are spearheading a Technological Committee that will look at IT improvements as well as items like solar; and negotiating for bulk  purchases of things like electric, water etc. More info to come.

Pool good year for the pool. 900 guests, 1100 children and an average of 160 visitors a day with 12 kids.

2020 budget 2020 MA charge only $1.98 over 2019

Walking trail behind Franklin-next week Council will walk with HMLD to see the what HMLD is proposing, followed by a walk around with interested owners at a later date. If the proposal looks inviting and some owners appear to favor the proposal there will be a village vote. If not Council will, for the second time turn it down.

 Gutters will be cleaned again this Fall          

 Deadbolts at front doors will be checked by HM Security this Fall for access. Only A-1 Security can key for master key

Landscaping/ snow plowing– bidders for both were covered at the meeting, as well as the bid totals. We had few bidder responses, all of which were substantially higher than HMLD. Council met with HMLD and heard of the improvements they are planning for 2020. Based on those improvements Council voted to stay with HMLD with a 60 day cancellation provision if they don’t perform to our satisfaction

Dryer vent clean out- will be scheduled this Fall as recommended by our insurance carrier. Cost by owners (approx. $45-$55)

Powers washing bldgs and garages scheduled for 2020

Garage door vertical aluminum trim – damaged trim will be spotted and owners will be required to replace (approx $55).

Sun porches that have faded badly will have to be repainted by owner.

Walk-around by Architectural Committee coming.

Parking- 1st car in garage-especially at night

               2nd car in outside spot

                3nd car n/a unless 3 licensed driver in household

                No parking behind garage or double parking

               No pickup outside at night

               Only horizontal parking at 549 &569

Real Estate – all homes in Franklin are sold. Only 27 homes out of 1720 are available.        

Committee updates:

Social, Decorating, Architectural, Communication–n/a

Architectural- see garage trim and faded sun porches above

Pool- switching pool companies for 2020. Having issues with the quality of the new liner. May be able to use chemicals to remediate.

Welcome- four new owners to be visited soon(555, 558, 587, 594)
Landscape- all project to be complete in 2 weeks per HMLD

Document updating-Michael Pincus- many suggested changes coming on docs and Rules/Regs         

Next Village Meeting Nov. 20th—Budget meeting                                          








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