The Hershey’s Mill Technology Committee is a permanent Committee currently with nine Sub Committees. Sub Committees include Apps, Architectural, Energy, Grants and Research, Information Technology, Internet of Things, Security, Telecommunications, and WebMasters. Check here for articles and answers to Dear Technology Abby questions.

The Technology Committee is charged with looking forward to the future, determining and suggesting appropriate integrations of technologies, as available, to maintain and keep Hershey’s Mill on the leading edge of Active 55+ Communities.

VISION: The Leaders of HM that came before us governed with wisdom. The legacy they created is a 55+ Active Adult Community that has been the Gold Standard of 55+ Communities for decades. Now, it is our turn to imagine the future, think outside the box and create an environment that continues the Gold Standard. The TC’s vision includes immediate recommendations and also a five year rolling plan.

Dear Technology Abby Answers Questions

Have you ever wondered about how technology “gadgets” might help your everyday life in Hershey’s Mill? Are your outside lights on 24/7 because you aren’t here to turn them off? Have you ever gone away and forgotten to turn down your heat or A/C or turn off your water? What’s all this stuff about Alexa and would it work for me?

These are just a few of the questions that the Hershey’s Mill Technology Committee will try to answer. In addition to providing some educational programs, and articles in the Monthly Guide, the committee is willing to field your tech questions as related to your home. Computer questions should still go to the Computer committee which meets monthly and publishes a regular article in the Guide.

Send us an email at with your question. Technology Abby will post the answers on the HERSHEYSMILL.ORG website for everyone to see and hopefully learn.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Technology Abby

For more information on the Hershey’s Mill Technology Committee please contact: Sherry and Bill Kane, Co-Chairs, HMTC (see your HM Directory for email address).